Why can't I download your apps directly from your website?
Because platforms such as iOS only let you download apps via their own distribution channels such as iTunes. Also using these platforms provides better privacy and protection for your personal data.

I have downloaded one of your Persian apps but all the characters are separated and it is almost impossible to read anything. What is the problem?
The old versions of Android are not compatible with Persian fonts. You would have the same problem if you open the internet browser on your device and go to any Persian website. Therefore, it is not a bug in our app and there is nothing we can do. If you upgrade your Android everything will work perfectly.

Why are the prices of some apps different on iTunes and Google play?
The app market for these platforms is very different and it is common for app publishers including big names like Gameloft to have different prices due to the market demographics and dynamics.

I have a great idea for an app, would you be willing to develop it with me?
Yes. We have two ways of working in collaboration. The first option is that we charge an upfront fee to develop the app for you and you would own all the rights for that app. The second option is a royalties model where we evaluate the development phase and it's potential earnings. If it's a good idea then we would develop it for free and give you one third of the revenue for each sale, whilst withhold all the rights to the app.

Is Nour App able to create an app for my business?
Yes. We can develop an app for you on all iOS (iPhones, iPads) and Android devices. We can also take care of the publication of your app in iTunes and Google Play.

I am a developer and looking for a job, are you interested in hiring me?
We have a complete development team here at Nour App, but there are many projects in the pipeline. We often work with other developers based on individual projects and a percentage of the revenue. If you are interested to work in this way then please contact us, we would be happy to discuss the terms with you in more detail.

I am an Android developer in Iran with a portfolio of apps. Could you help me publish my apps on Google Play?
Nour App is a registered publisher in Google Play, and we can publish your apps under the Nour App account. Please contact us to discuss the terms.