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Iran Quiz

Iran Quiz

Iran Quiz is a great app to test your knowledge about Iran (Persian Empire) in everything from history and geography, to politics and more. Think you know it all? Then we challenge you to take us on! If you're interested to learn more about Iran (Persia), Iran Quiz is a fantastic way to test and improve your trivia knowledge in many different dimensions. 

With an impressive bank of questions, each Quiz session tests you on a set number of questions and gives you a pass or fail score. A fun app to share and play with friends at parties, and show off your skills!

Iran Quiz is in English and designed for Iranians (Persians) and non-Iranians living in or outside of Iran.

We would really appreciate it if you could take some time and rate our app if you enjoy Iran Quiz :) Email us at info@nourapp.com if you have interesting questions that you think should be included in Iran Quiz.

Please note that Iran Quiz is in English.